Andrew P. Turner Postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania working on string theory and related problems


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18. SymTrees and Multi-Sector QFTs (2023) — journal, arXiv

17. Chiral spectrum of the universal tuned \((\operatorname{SU}(3) \times \operatorname{SU}(2) \times \operatorname{U}(1)) / \mathbb{Z}_6\) 4D F-theory model (2022) — journal, arXiv

16. Generating functions for intersection products of divisors in resolved F-theory models (2022) — journal, arXiv

15. Identifying equivalent Calabi–Yau topologies: A discrete challenge from math and physics for machine learning (2022) — journal, arXiv

14. Disorder Averaging and its UV (Dis)Contents (2021) — journal, arXiv

13. Orders of Vanishing and \(\operatorname{U}(1)\) Charges in F-theory (2021) — journal, arXiv

12. Flavor Symmetries and Automatic Enhancement in the 6d Supergravity Swampland (2021) — journal, arXiv

11. Chiral matter multiplicities and resolution-independent structure in 4D F-theory models (2021) — journal, arXiv

10. Statistical coupling constants from hidden sector entanglement (2020) — journal, arXiv

9. Automatic Enhancement in 6D Supergravity and F-theory Models (2020) — journal, arXiv

8. Data-driven quark and gluon jet modification in heavy-ion collisions (2020) — journal, arXiv

7. General F-theory models with tuned \((\operatorname{SU}(3) \times \operatorname{SU}(2) \times \operatorname{U}(1)) / \mathbb{Z}_6\) symmetry (2019) — journal, arXiv

6. Optical analogues to the equatorial Kerr–Newman black hole (2019) — journal, arXiv

5. Generic construction of the Standard Model gauge group and matter representations in F-theory (2019) — journal, arXiv

4. Generic matter representations in 6D supergravity theories (2019) — journal, arXiv

3. An infinite swampland of \(\operatorname{U}(1)\) charge spectra in 6D supergravity theories (2018) — journal, arXiv

2. The graphic nature of the symmetric group (2013) — journal, arXiv

1. Supercharacters, exponential sums, and the uncertainty principle (2012) — journal, arXiv