Andrew P. Turner Postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania working on string theory and related problems

Full Curriculum Vitae: PDF



Ph.D. (Physics)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014–2020)

B.S. (Mathematics–Physics Double Major)

Harvey Mudd College (2010–2014)

Research Experience

Postdoctoral Researcher (UPenn High Energy Theory Group, 2020–Present)

F-theory and supergravity
Stringy constructions of ensemble CFTs
Machine learning Calabi–Yau topologies

Graduate Researcher (MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, 2014–2020)

Research in supergravity and F-theory under Dr. Washington Taylor
Research in supersymmetry and heavy-ion jet physics under Dr. Jesse Thaler
Research in transformation optics

Undergraduate Researcher (HMC Department of Physics, 2013–2014)

Research in quantum information and optics under Dr. Theresa Lynn

Teaching Experience

Hadron Collider Physics Summer School Discussion Leader (CERN, 2021)

Teaching Assistant (MIT Physics Department, 2015–2020)

8.04: Quantum Physics I (F2015, S2016)
8.21: Physics of Energy (S2018, S2020)
8.321: Quantum Theory I (F2017)
8.962: General Relativity (S2017)

Teaching Assistant (HMC Mathematics Department, 2014)

Math 106: Combinatorics (S2014)